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Precision Lapping

Trust our technical and design engineering expertise for all your lapping needs. Our team offers lapping for a variety of parts, from large hydraulic castings to small ceramic or carbon seals. In fact, their combined experience in lapping totals 260 years.

Flat lapping on both single-sided and double-sided machines allows us to hold the tightest tolerances, flatness and finishes on your parts. We can also establish a flat surface on flexible or odd-shaped parts prior to machining.



The Grind Lap Difference

Combine lapping with Blanchard or double disc grinding to achieve fast stock removal and close tolerances. Grind Lap offers high-quality, tight tolerance, comprehensive precision grinding, lapping and honing services at a single facility to save time and money and accelerate your supply chain.


Technical Specifications


Our lapping machines are Speedfam models ranging in table size from 20” to 64”. Speedfam is the world leader in high-quality lappers and polishers.


The use of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and diamond abrasives for various applications enables us to hold sizes and dimensions to very close tolerances: within .0002″ in production with flatness requirements of one helium light band (.000012″) on many parts.

For specialty parts or materials

Because lower stresses are induced, little distortion occurs compared with conventional machining or grinding on thin parts, parts made of dissimilar material or stress- and heat-sensitive materials like stainless steel.

What Can We Do for You?

At Grind Lap, we provide the perfect finish for every part, helping you deliver on time and budget!