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ID Grinding

Ensure results that are consistent in roundness, cylindricity and size with the multi-axis CNC control our ID grinders provide. Achieve efficiency with our ability to grind tapers or IDs in the same operation. Our ID grinding capabilities allow for extreme tolerances for concentricity and run out.

Looking for high volume or a small lot of complex parts? We can help! Grind Lap provides superior quality, fast service and competitive pricing. Our ID team offers the combined experience of 135 years.


The Grind Lap Difference


Combine ID grinding with OD grinding for concentricity – with one partner at a single facility. Grind Lap offers high-quality, tight tolerance, comprehensive precision grinding, lapping and honing services at a single facility to save time and money and accelerate your supply chain.

Technical Specifications


Our ID Grinders provide multi-axis CNC control for consistent results in roundness, cylindricity and size.


We can grind inside diameters of parts up to 12” diameter and 10” long and achieve diameter tolerances as close as .0003″ and surface finishes to 8 micro.

What Can We Do for You?

At Grind Lap, we provide the perfect finish for every part, helping you deliver on time and budget!