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The honing process delivers remarkable improvements in finish bore size, geometry, and surface finish with tolerances held as close as .0002" on most parts while achieving an almost mirror finish.  This allows for a high bearing area ratio, low surface roughness and defined cross hatch pattern for lubricant retention.

Grind Lap has nine Sunnen honing systems including a new ML series. Our tooling can handle up to 5" in diameter and up to 20" long. Several of our machines are power strokers for production runs and two have auto sizing capabilities.

Depending on material and surface finish requirements, different stone materials can be used to meet your manufacturing specifications. We are able to handle thru-hole and blind-hole honing. Blind-hole parts as large as 2.0" and up to 8" in length can be honed. Diameters as small as .090" can also be accommodated. Surface finish requirements as low as 4 Micro can also be held with honing.