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Grind Lap Services, Inc. has been providing precision grinding and lapping services since 1978.  Grind Lap provides services to a wide array of industries including aerospace, automotive, machine, transportation and others requiring the highest quality products.

By providing multiple services under one roof, we give our customers the advantage of having multiple features ground on the same part without having the delay of shipping parts to multiple locations to get the finished parts needed.

Services We Provide

Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard grinding can remove stock quickly on castings or plates with tolerances as close as .0005" and finishes as good as 8 micro on some parts.  Click here for more details....

Flat Lapping

Flat lapping both single-sided and double-sided machines allows us to hold the tightest tolerances, flatness and finishes, It is also used to economically establish a flat surface on flexible or odd-shaped parts prior to machining.  Click here for more details....


The honing process delivers remarkable improvements in finish bore size, geometry, and surface finish with tolerances held as close as .0002" on most parts while achieving an almost mirror finish.  Click here for more details....

OD / ID Grinding

The main advantage of CNC OD/ID grinding is the ability to perform multiple operations in one chucking. We can grind an unlimited number of OD’s on a stepped shaft and also grind tapers or ID’s by indexing the wheelhead in the same operation. Click here for more details....

Double Disc Grinding

Grind Lap Services, Inc. double disc grinding machines allow us to handle almost any configuration of parts.  Click here for more details....

We want to be your long term partner in your success. Blanchard grinding, honing, flat lapping, double disc or OD/ID grinding, we offer fast and efficient nationwide service.