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Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard grinding can remove stock quickly on castings or plates with tolerances as close as .0005" and finishes as good as 8 Micro on some parts.  Blanchard grinding is the most cost effective, efficient, and most precise method for most grinding needs, offering unparalleled versatility in size, tolerance consistency, and providing the fastest, most economical process for large stock removal.

Responding to industry's needs, Grind Lap has equipped itself with blanchard grinders of different diameters for grinding all ferrous and nonferrous materials.  We have eight blanchard grinders.  Our largest blanchard has a 42” table.  We have experience in all varieties of parts from large plates to small spacers.  Typically we hold tolerances as close as .001” and grind all types of materials including steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

For high volume production, double disc grinding is also very cost-effective as many labor and machine hours are preserved. This equates to not only greater overall production efficiency, but savings as well.

Deburring and polishing are also available as part of our Blanchard Grinding operation.